Welcome to the Beth Emet Shuk


The Beth Emet Shuk is the member-to-member communication center for the Beth Emet Community.  It's the place to exchange information and ideas, and offer goods and services for sale to benefit Beth Emet. It's the place to make new friends and build community.  Welcome!


All transactions are handled privately between the parties. The donation to Beth Emet is on the honor system. Until we set up an on-line payment system, please pay for services and items by sending a check to Beth Emet, marking it "Shuk Donation." Or contact Debbie Gilbert in the office and she'll add the donation amount to your bill (which you can then pay online through Beth Emet's payment portal). Donators of goods or services may receive an IRS-acceptable receipt upon request. Purchases of goods or services are tax-deductible only if the price exceeds the fair market value.